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Become a Pendo Advisor

Join Pendo Neighborhood Advisors and help us make the features you need to shape the future of software adoption and engagement. Pendo Advisors get exclusive opportunities to participate in user research studies, engage directly with Pendo team members, and gain early access to new features and products.

Do I need to be a Pendo customer to join?
No! We love our customers, but we need to learn from people who aren't using our products too. Whether you are a huge Pendo champion, a brand new user, or just thinking about using Pendo, we want to learn from you!

What type of user research can I participate in?
Studies include user interviews, co-design sessions, prototype evaluations, surveys, and more!

What do you do with my data and personal information?
We use your profile data to help identify studies that are a good match for you. Only our researchers will have access to your profile survey data. We never share or sell your data with external parties and keep your data confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.